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Kristen Boyne

Manager, Development Communications

Why did you chose Walsh?

A few things led me to choose Walsh. After attending a Catholic grade school and high school, I wanted to be in a collegiate environment that reflected the values and beliefs I had grown up with. In addition, academic and athletic scholarships made Walsh a great value, my parents really liked the supportive atmosphere, and it was just the right distance away from home. 

How did Walsh prepare you for your current job?

As a corporate communications major, I was required to take both business and communications courses. The business courses helped me understand how a business operates and what the various functions of a business do.  The communications courses (in combination with my English writing minor) fine tuned my interpersonal communications skills, which I used every day when writing, interviewing or presenting to groups.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering attending Walsh University?

If you can make it happen, study abroad.  I went to Italy for a month with Walsh, and I still consider it the best month of my life.  Exploring another country was an amazing experience.  I learned a lot related to the courses we studied, but I also learned about myself and made friends and memories that I will cherish throughout my lifetime.