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Kristen (Boyne) Popelmayer

Brand Strategy and Advertising Manager

Briefly describe what you do in your current role:

I manage the creative development and execution of all advertising initiatives across traditional, digital and social media channels. Essentially, I help make TV and radio commercials and other types of advertising units to build awareness, enhance image, garner support or maintain/increase patient volumes and/or physician referrals for MetroHealth.

Recent Professional Accomplishments:

I’m really proud of the work we did to establish MetroHealth’s current brand platform. This entailed commissioning a brand health study that helped us understand the perceptions of our health system and identify the most compelling, differentiating and believable brand image for MetroHealth. Our last advertising campaign produced statistically significant results in terms of attribute association, preference, advocacy and consideration. We also recently built a project management system to track and demonstrate the value of all that work.

How did Walsh help prepare you for your current job?

I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted to do, and I felt that having exposure to both business and communications topics gave me a lot of career options. That broad coursework, in combination with my English Writing minor, prepared me for Marketing and Communications jobs. Studying abroad in Italy my senior year also helped prepare me. Traveling to another country exposes you to new cultures, languages, traditions…even traffic patterns! It was a great opportunity, and I learned a lot about myself and what I was capable of before my first job in the real world.

What you have been doing since Walsh?

When I first started looking for a job, I began to realize that I needed to be passionate about my work and the organization I chose to work for. I need to feel like the work I do makes a difference. And, while I’m not directly saving lives working in health care marketing, I get to tell the stories about people that do or help others believe in our brand. And that is exciting for me.

I have worked in health care marketing and communications for more than 12 years. I spent two years at University Hospitals of Cleveland where I did internal communications, executive communications and some pediatric marketing. I have been with MetroHealth for almost 10 years in various roles with increasing responsibility. I also supported The MetroHealth Foundation for five years, where I handled any and all communications needs related to fundraising. Then I transitioned into marketing, where my responsibilities were more about driving volume and building brand. I also received my Master of Nonprofit Organizations degree from Case Western Reserve University since graduating from Walsh.