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Living Learning Communities

Faculty mentorship, built-in peer support, common residential living space, experiential learning

Residence Hall Living Learning Communities (LLC) at Walsh University are on-campus housing communities designed to bring together students, staff and faculty outside the classroom to provide a deeper level of learning and collaboration. Students in these communities live together in the same residence hall to assist in developing supportive peer relationships. Specialized programming, study groups and engaging activities provide a unique residence hall experience geared toward increasing overall student success. LLCs complement the University's mission of academic excellence and close student-teacher interactions by allowing students to live and learn among others who share their academic, professional and personal interests. Select a community below to learn more.

Blouin Global Scholars

  • International perspective
  • Service to the global community
  • Global leaders of tomorrow

Leaders in Social Justice 

  • Service to the local community
  • Addressing Ohio's most pressing issues
  • Think globally, act locally


  • Academically challenging
  • Competitive edge for graduate school
  • Intellectually rewarding

Future Nurses

  • Academic support
  • Peer mentoring
  • Exposure to the nursing profession

Student Athletes in Leadership (SAIL) 

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Serve as mentors within the Walsh athletic community
  • Strengthen relationships with fellow athletes 

Benefits of Living Learning Communities

  • Develop supportive peer relationships
  • Increase contact with faculty and staff outside of the classroom
  • Foster the joining of the scholarly and social aspects of student life
  • Enhance in-class learning by participating in academic events facilitated by Resident Assistants (RA) and peer mentors

LLC Residential Living 

Students enjoy all the advantages of being part of a residence hall community, with the added benefit of living among fellow students that share academic goals and interests. Click here to learn more about the residential living experience for each Living Learning Community at Walsh University.

How Can I Apply?

Students that are interested in being a member of a Living Learning Committee will be able to make the request during summer orientation. Spaces are limited and all placements are determined by the date of the student's housing deposit.