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Girls don't go to college

Lois Digiacomo

Lois Digiacomo - Class of 1990

"Girls don't go to college." Five words uttered by good, loving parents. But it was 1957, and whether it was actually finances or just a prevailing attitude that spawned them, it didn't matter. I listened. I married in 1961 and had five children by 1972. But in 1986, I decided to give college another try. I enrolled in a course at Walsh and received an A. My children were thrilled and I was hooked! I graduated in 1990, Summa Cum Laude, with a degree in Theology/Philosophy and an award for being the Outstanding Senior in Theology.

I have a few memorable moments along the way too. More than I could count let alone write about but I can't resist a few.

The first was learning that professors really liked us "non-traditional" students. The dog never ate our homework, we had a longer lifetime of stories to tell and questions to ask and we didn't hesitate to let them know how much we appreciated their extra efforts for us.

Secondly, I fulfilled a dream I never knew I had. After seeing a drama notice, I auditioned, got a part and made my stage debut. My interest in theatre had already led me to write a passion play and I had the privilege of producing it twice during my years on campus, once in the Student Center and again in the auditorium in the Science Center.

Third - Professors Joe Torma and John Trapani always had time to meet with me, whether I was in their classes or not. They became good friends and remain such even today. One of my most cherished memories is of the time I had the blessed privilege of seeing Elie Wiesel. I also saw Mother Theresa before I was a student.

Another big highlight was my graduation year (Class of '90), which I shared with three of my children (Peter - also a Walsh grad who finished at Ohio University Medical School, Patrick who graduated from Ohio University and Lia who graduated from GlenOak High School.

I was also featured in the Spring 2005 Walsh Times, which had my picture on the cover. The article was about Walsh alumni in Social Service, a vocation I owe, gratefully, to my Walsh experience!