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Mark '83 and Vicki (McNicholas) '86 Mazzaferri

Date of Marriage: 07/05/1986
Did you meet before, during, or after your time at Walsh?: During
Where did you meet?: Behind Alexis dorm
How many children/pets?: 3 children

How They Met:

"I had gone to Catholic school my entire life including Ursuline HS. So I was excited to be accepted at Kent State to get out of Youngstown and expand my horizons. Much to my dismay my Irish Catholic father heard about Walsh College and set up a visit in July with the Track coach Dan McCallion after I was already signed up for dorms and a roommate at Kent. I went on the visit just to appease him. Dan met us and said some of his senior student athletes were working on campus over the summer and we could see one of their dorm rooms. He brought us to the back of Menard Hall and that is where I first saw my future husband cutting grass with no shirt and just a pair of 80's running shorts. Dan called Mazz (Mark Mazzaferri) over to introduce us. My father was not impressed since it was a private Catholic College, but I thought things were looking up a bit. Mark showed us his room complete with Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Tiegs posters and my dad decided Kent was not so bad. Dan convinced me to come and run at Walsh since it would be the first year of the girls cross country team. I came for cross camp and Mark helped move me into the dorm and as they say the rest is history! "

The Proposal:

"It was my Junior year winter formal dance and Mark and I had been dating since my Freshman year. He was graduated and working so he came to pick me up behind Menard to go to the dance at Skyland Pines. He came and got me from my room and let me in the car. He then asked me to go into the glove box to get the tickets. He started the car and was playing a Journey song as I opened the glove box and saw an envelope with the tickets. He told me to make sure both were there and when I looked inside the ring was taped to the back of one of the tickets."

Where Are They Now?:

"I am a Kindergarten teacher in the Plain Local School District and Mark has been with TimkenSteel for almost 33 years. We live two miles from Walsh off of Easton and have 3 children. Twins Marcus and Emily (23) and Tony (19). Emily is completing her master's degree at Walsh and is one of the grad assistant track coaches. Marcus just took the LSAT and is preparing for law school and Tony is a freshman in college."