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Marketing Courses

Global Integrated Marketing Communication

This course builds upon the students’ understanding of marketing and communication concepts. Emphasis is placed on analysis and integration of communication tools and promotion mix techniques across different cultures, all within a global business environment.

Multicultural Consumer Behavior

This course introduces marketing students to the psychological, sociological demographic, and economic influences, which affect an individual’s or household’s buying behavior, both domestically and globally. Students learn why and how to apply consumer behavior theories and concepts, while integrating them with the larger contexts of marketing and other business disciplines in order to develop successful marketing strategies.

Marketing Research

This course introduces the students to the major areas of market research, including survey, experimental and field research design, practice and problem definition, questionnaire design, and collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of survey data.

Marketing Strategy and Management

This is an integrative course in marketing that emphasizes the strategic management decision-making as it relates to the marketing management of firms selling to consumers, business organizations, government agencies, or institutions. Topics for the course include organization, planning, research, merchandising, sales, promotion, marketing channels, and control as related to corporate policies and objectives

Current Topics in Marketing

Given the changing nature of marketing, the material covered in this course will change from semester to semester. Additionally in this course, many diverse and timely issues related to marketing, ethics and the global economy will be researched, analyzed and discussed. The focus will be on consumer markets, rather than business markets, and will center on cutting edge theories and applications.

Sales Management

This course examines the role of sales management and personal selling as they relate to the discipline of marketing. Factors examined in this course include the importance of proper management in a sales environment, examination of consumer and business markets, and steps involved in the selling process. By applying sales theory concepts, students develop a sales plan for the product/service and utilize selling techniques to increase sales for an organization.

Product Development and Innovation

This course introduces students to the strategies, processes, and methods used by companies to develop new products in competitive domestic and global markets. Techniques and processes for managing product development are addressed through the stages of idea generation to product introduction. Although the course focuses primarily on physical products, the development and innovation of service is also addressed.

Branding and Brand Management

This course introduces students to the concepts and strategies important to creating and managing strong brands, a key factor in generating customer loyalty and ultimately strong organizational performance. Students will explore how branding applies across the key points of advertising, public relations, social media, corporate responsibility, employee interaction and new product development.