photo: Admissions Counselor Mary Hammel
College Graduation Year: 2022

Hometown: Navarre, Ohio
High School: Fairless High School
College Degrees: Bachelor's in Communication Studies (Master's in progress)

Hobbies/interests outside of work: Discussing beliefs and philosophy with friends, analyzing song lyrics, listening to podcasts, being outside, pondering God's greatness, and making art!

Favorite thing about Walsh: The people! Everyone is so genuinely kind and cares about each other. Walsh also takes a very holistic approach to the college experience through spiritual/religious opportunities, athletics, academics, social activities, and everything in between.

Favorite places/things to do in Stark County: Going to the park (Sippo, Jackson, Price and more), thrifting, spending my money at St. Raphael's Bookstore, and visiting all the Catholic churches 

Advice for a prospective Walsh student: 1) You have dignity and worth - don't let anyone use you, and don't use anyone else 2) Your integrity is worth more than a grade - don't cheat 3) If it won't affect your soul, it doesn't matter :) 4) Enjoy your time in college and have fun!

Contact me anytime!

Direct Line: 330.490.7004
Cell Phone: 330.510.2985