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Master's in School Counseling

If you enjoy working with children of all ages, you will find a challenging and rewarding career as a school counselor. School counselors today are called upon to do much more than career "guidance."

School counselors:

  • Provide individual, group and crisis counseling
  • Develop prevention and intervention programs for "at risk" students
  • Assist learning disabled students
  • Facilitate connection to community resources for both students and parents 

Master’s in School Counseling Career Opportunities

School systems employ school counselors to work with students from kindergarten through the twelfth grade to foster their personal, social and vocational/academic development. Ohio law now permits school systems to hire graduates of school counseling programs without requiring a teaching license and/or teaching experience. In response to the demands of our constantly changing, multicultural society, there is a steadily growing need for licensed school counselors.