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Healthcare Management Testimonial

Jonathon Stump '10

Owner & CEO, Correctional Health Care Group 

Jonathon Stump earned his associate's degree in nursing from Walsh in 1986, and in 2010 earned his MBA and Healthcare Management. His company, Correctional Health Care Group, provides inmate medical care to institutions such as the Stark County Correctional Facility and specializes in the development of policies and procedures related to correctional health care. Most recently, Stump was asked by the Ohio Department of Corrections to rewrite the standards for inmate care in all Ohio State correctional facilities in which mental health policies were introduced for the first time.

"I enjoyed the specialties within the MBA program because it gave me a chance to center on what I was most interested in, the varying dynamics and economics of healthcare," said Stump. "What I really like about the DeVille School of Business is that the professors are actually working in the business community so that classroom instruction is not only about theory, but also reflects current practices in the field."