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MBA Leadership Practicum

Along with completing the MBA coursework, it is also important for MBA students to develop as leaders. As a result, the MBA Program requires that all MBA students complete the MBA Leadership Experience Practicum (hereafter referred to as the Practicum). The practicum is linked to Walsh University’s mission: educating students to become leaders in service to others. The two-part practicum is designed to fit in to each MBA student’s coursework.

The practicum will require each student to complete the “Sustainable Ethical Leadership” (MBA621) course (which is a part of the MBA core curriculum courses). Following the completion of this MBA621 course, each student will register for Part I of the practicum.

Part I

This half-day program is comprised of a computer simulation, group facilitation discussion, and time for reflection. In addition, each student completing the half-day practicum will be given the “Strength Finder” book, for use in Part II of the practicum.

Part II

This part of the practicum involves one-on-one mentoring by a trained leadership mentor. The student and mentor will review Part I materials (reflection, demographic items, and Strength Finder results). Both will then develop a leadership action plan for the student to develop and advance his/her leadership. Students will need to complete Part II within 60-90 days of completing Part I.

A student that has completed all of the MBA core curriculum requirements and Part I of the practicum will be advanced to candidacy in the MBA Program. Advancement to candidacy is required before an MBA student can enroll in MBA specialty courses. Completion of Parts I and II of the practicum are required for graduation from the MBA Program.