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Management MBA Program

The MBA in Business Management specialty links current theory to practice and provides the knowledge a leader needs for productive interaction with others within the organization. The coursework develops and refines the qualitative leadership, quantitative, and analytical skills needed for a leader to plan effectively, organize, lead and control the activities of an organization.

Our Management MBA curriculum uses contemporary examples and team exercises to develop these skills. By understanding business in an integrative and broader context using real-world examples, graduates of Walsh’s Management MBA are able to strategically make decisions for an organization.

Management MBA graduates of Walsh University gain interpersonal and analytical skills while developing a long-term value system. This value system will be vital to a graduate’s ability to manage and lead a team. 

Management MBA Degree Requirements

Walsh University's MBA degree can be completed in 36 semester hours of coursework for a student who demonstrates all required competencies upon entry. All MBA degrees include foundation and common body of knowledge (MBA Core) classes. The remaining credit hours are fulfilled with management concentrated courses. Full course descriptions are available in the online Academic Catalog

Six (6) core courses:

MBA 621 Sustainable Ethical Leadership 3 credit hrs.
MBA 622 Organization Behavior and Communication 3 credit hrs.
MBA 623 Financial Accounting & Management 3 credit hrs.
MBA 624 Marketing 3 credit hrs.
MBA 625 Information Systems 3 credit hrs.
MBA 626 Applied Organizational Research & Analysis 3 credit hrs.
Total Core Requirement Credit Hours: 18 credit hrs.

Following successful completion of the MBA Core courses, students in the Management specialty may enroll in the following specialty courses. These provide an in-depth study in this particular area of interest.

Four (4) specialty courses:

MBA 681 Global Business Conditions 3 credit hrs.
MBA 682 Managerial Accounting 3 credit hrs.
MBA 701 System & Organizational Design 3 credit hrs.
MBA 702 Quality & Performance Management 3 credit hrs.
Total Specialty Requirement Credit Hours:12 credit hrs.

One (1) elective course from this selection:

MBA 683 Non-Profit Accounting 3 credit hrs.
MBA 743 Social Media Marketing 3 credit hrs.
MBA 761 Entrepreneurship & Innovation 3 credit hrs.
Total Elective Requirement Credit Hours:3 credit hrs.

The final course for completion in this program, the capstone, builds on and encompasses all previous coursework.

One (1) capstone course:

MBA 719 Strategic Management 3 credit hrs.
Total Capstone Requirement Credit Hours:3 credit hrs.

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