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Management Testimonial

Bryan Kokish

Marketing Manager, University Hospital's Neurological Institute in Cleveland

A management specialty student in the Walsh University MBA program, Bryan Kokish credits the courses he has taken for helping him move to the next level as a manager. In addition to his full time job, Kokish is also the owner of his own company, Vocitare Marketing, which provides marketing services for small companies on tight budgets. As a professional who is also personally vested in the marketing industry, he feels that Walsh's commitment to addressing the latest industry trends and forward approach to uncovering new issues has been evident in all of his classes to date.

"I believe what I have learned has really helped to make me a better manager at my job now," Kokish said. "My MBA classes at Walsh have definitely been in line with what I'm doing and where I'm going, and are helping me to reach the next level professionally."