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Meningococcal and Hepatitis B Vaccinations


According to The Ohio Revised Code Section 1713.55, all students who live on campus must disclose whether they have been vaccinated against Meningococcal Disease and Hepatitis B.

Please note that this law does not require vaccination of the student. It only requires disclosure of vaccine status. All new students will provide that information on their medical history forms.

For students who choose to be vaccinated, vaccines will be available in the Health Center. There is a charge for each vaccination (note that the Hepatitis B vaccination is a series of three injections). Please contact Health Services, for pricing and availability at (330) 490-7302 or via e-mail at healthservices@walsh.edu.

If you have questions about the housing assignment process, please contact the Director of Residence Life at reslife@walsh.edu (please note that Residence Life can clarify the expectations with regards to information disclosure but are unable to answer specific questions about either Meningococcal Disease and/or Hepatitis B). If you have questions about Meningococcal Disease and/or Hepatitis B, please contact Health Services at healthservices@walsh.edu or visit the Centers for Disease Control website.