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Dr. Mike Dunphy

Michael Dunphy

Dean, School of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Biochemistry

B.S., Walsh University; M.S., Youngstown State University; Ph.D., University of Akron

Walsh University
A Catholic University of Distinction
2020 East Maple Street
North Canton, Ohio44720
United States

Dr. Dunphy is a professional educator focused in the science of biochemistry. While his primary role at Walsh University is to facilitate learning as Chair of the Division of Math & Sciences, Dr. Dunphy's research interests are centered around analytical biochemistry and the applications of chromatography to analytical biochemical problems. Having expertise in Gas-Liquid, Thin-Layer and High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Dr. Dunphy has undergraduate students engaged in projects related to the separation, detection and quantification of organic and biochemical analytes in various biological and non-biological matrices. Projects are also related to various aspects of pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and the dynamics of pharmacological assays, both in the clinical and non-clinical settings. More recently, Dr. Dunphy, in collaboration with Dr. Gerald Koser, has been developing an HPLC procedure for the analysis of Hydroxytosyloxyiodobenzene (HTIB), a versatile organic synthetic reagent and a procedure for HPLC analysis of nitrosylcobalamin (NOCBl), a potential anti-tumor agent. The NOCBl research is a collaboration with Dr. Joe Bauer, formerly with the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Research Center.

Dr. Dunphy is also a veteran of the classical martial arts/sciences, and devotes considerable energy to martial training and education.


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