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The Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is committed to creating an inclusive environment essential for all students' cultural development, personal development and academic success. The office serves as a support system for historically underrepresented students to:

  • Foster a sense of belonging and academic achievement
  • Assist in leadership development
  • Provide resources to Walsh's multicultural student population
  • Facilitate cultural awareness for the entire campus community

Multicultural Student Orientation

This small, intimate orientation designed to meet the unique needs of Walsh's multicultural students. The orientation typically occurs the day before move-in day, allowing residential students to move into the halls before most students arrive.

During the orientation, students will learn about University resources, campus involvement opportunities and the Greater Canton community. They will also have a chance to meet University staff members and interact with incoming and current Walsh students. By making these connections, students will be better prepared to make the most of their Walsh experience. Incoming students and their parents will receive more information late in the summer before their freshman year.

Support Services

Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to the success of Walsh's multicultural student population and provides various support services and collaborates with many other departments. Specifically, Multicultural Affairs:

  • Assists the retention committee in identifying and supporting multicultural students
  • Serves as a liaison between the Academic Support Center, University Registrar, Admissions and the Student Support Center
  • Works closely with academic advisors in providing support and outreach to multicultural students
  • Provides a book loan voucher program to assist students in purchasing books
  • Provides resources for students to search and evaluate scholarships
  • Serves as a resource to help connect multicultural students with the local community

Cultural Programming

Multicultural Affairs coordinates a variety of events to educate the University community on a variety of topics and cultures. Multicultural Affairs:

  • Coordinates the celebration and recognition of various heritage months: Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women's History Month, and Asian and Pacific Islander Month
  • Coordinates Diversity Week, a week-long series of events to celebrate and explore diversity
  • Coordinates and often collaborates in providing events such as panel discussions, speakers and lectures on diverse and controversial topics

Leadership Opportunities

Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to developing students into successful leaders who work for the betterment of their community. To foster student development, Multicultural Affairs:

  • Serves as the primary advisor for the Black Student Union (BSU) - a multicultural student organization offering students an opportunity for activism, student expression and leadership development
  • Coordinates opportunities for students to participate in leadership activities, conferences and retreats, on and off campus
  • Provides opportunities for students to serve as mentors for their peers or for students to be connected to a mentor
  • Helps connect students with Walsh's many campus involvement opportunities

Director of Multicultural Affairs
(330) 490-7342