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Museum Studies Degree

As Ohio's premier undergraduate Museum Studies program, Walsh University's Museum Studies major provides a solid foundation in non-profit management with a dual focus on the theory of museology and hands-on experiences. The program features three tracks—history, art, and the natural sciences—and thus encompasses a broad spectrum of types of collections. All aspects of the program focus on museums' missions, policies and procedures, professionalism, codes of ethics, and sensitivity to cultural material and historical perspectives.

Why Walsh?

Singular program. Walsh University offers the only full undergraduate major in Museum Studies in the state of Ohio, and the program is one of the few offered in the United States.

Real-world experience. Walsh has its own museum: the Hoover Historical Center. Museum Studies students have the opportunity to combine classroom instruction with hands-on practicum experience at the center, as well as internships in other area museums.

Global Learning. Museum Studies students are highly encouraged to participate in a Global Learning experience during their degree program at Walsh.



Experiential Learning & Internship Opportunities

The Birk Center for the Arts on Walsh's campus provides the setting for students at the Sophomore, Junior or Senior levels to learn exhibition design by curating shows for the Atrium Gallery. Students jury, curate, prepare, install, and de-install shows every semester. Students also host the opening reception with gallery talks, as well as write the wall texts, labels, and press materials for the exhibition.

Sophomores take a Public History Practicum for one semester at the Hoover Historical Center on Walsh's campus. This supervised experience working in an actual, operating museum allows students to give tours to the general public, create small exhibitions in display cases on campus, and conduct archival, registration, or collections care projects.
Juniors take a two semester sequence of supervised museum Internships off-campus. Placements may include, but are not limited to, the Canton Museum of Art, the Massillon Museum, the Professional Football Hall of Fame, and the National First Ladies' Library.
Seniors also work with an actual museum on their Capstone Projects. These independent projects can be catered to a student's interest in a particular kind of work within a museum. For example, a student who wishes to be a curator may design an exhibition. A student pursuing museum education may design a school tour or family program. A future registrar or collections manager may do an archival project. Or a student with an eye on leadership may write a strategic plan or grant proposal.


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