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One of the top concerns for most prospective students and their families during the college search is cost, not only that of the tuition but also room and board cost as well as other fees. As you navigate the process, don’t let the "sticker price" fool you. It’s extremely rare that anyone actually pays this cost.

An institution’s "sticker price" does not account for financial aid received. Most students are eligible for some combination of scholarships or grants from the individual institution or other sources. In the case of Walsh University, 99 percent of students receive financial aid through Walsh’s generous scholarship and grant programs as well as outside sources. In fact, in 2016 Walsh awarded nearly $30 million to students in grants and scholarships.

Part of Walsh’s founding mission is to provide a high-quality, faith-based education to all who seek it - and to do so affordably. That’s why each year Walsh reserves one-third of its operating budget for student scholarships. Thankfully, Walsh is able to sustain this number through the generous support of alumni and friends.

Unfortunately, not all institutions are as devoted to helping students. In a time when costs of higher education are rising across the nation, some institutions are choosing to lower their "sticker price" at the expense of their students by reducing their contributions toward student financial aid. So while on the surface the cost may be lower, in many cases students actually end up owing more than they would at a school with a higher "sticker price."

To avoid falling victim to the college tuition game, consider these points when evaluating a school:

  • What is the annual "sticker price" (tuition, fees, room and board) for the institution?
  •  What percentage of students receive institutional financial aid?
  •  What institutional financial aid options are available?
  •  Is the aid renewable year to year?
  •  Is there someone on campus to assist students in maximizing financial aid awards?

Remember, if it seems too good to be true, then it likely is.

To learn more about Walsh University and available scholarship opportunities, contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@walsh.edu or by calling 800-362-9846. You can also register for an upcoming campus visit dayschedule a personal tour or fill out an online request for information.

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