New Community Partnership Provides After School Enrichment for Canton City School Students


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After school programs keep kids safe, improve academic performance and provide supervision options for working families. According to the American Institutes for Research, studies have shown that quality programs give students the academic, social and career-ready skills they need to succeed.

With those goals in mind, a new partnership between the Walsh University Office of Service Learning, Division of Education and the Canton City School District (CCSD) will provide after school support and academic enrichment to students within the City of Canton.

This important partnership was facilitated by an Ohio 21st Century Grant application submitted this summer by CCSD for after school programming at six of its middle schools.

CCSD received the grant and contracted with Walsh University for both professional development and program evaluation. In-kind support to CCSD will be provided through Walsh University Service Learning placements, and CCSD will provide hands-on educational service opportunities to Walsh University students.

"The ultimate goal of this partnership is to help children struggling with math and reading to achieve to their greatest potential," said Walsh University Director of Service Learning Stacey L. Gardner-Buckshaw, Ph.D.

The CCSD Brighter Tomorrow After School Program will begin on October 5, with training for providers from September 29 - October 1.

"This partnership facilitates a reciprocal relationship. Canton City Schools will help Walsh University students and faculty understand their community, develop their professional problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and help fulfill the University mission of developing leaders in service," said Dr. Gardner-Buckshaw. "Staff at Canton City Schools will receive assistance from talented, engaged Walsh University students and faculty, to help the children they serve achieve. Together, we will create a 'Brighter Tomorrow.’"

To mark the important collaboration, Walsh University hosted a Celebration of Education during the first hour of the provider training on Tuesday, September 29, at the Hoover Pavilion for CCSD Leaders and other Canton City School District after-school program providers. The event was held in celebration of the shared mission between Walsh and the district to create educational opportunities for students, particularly students in need.

"This community partnership is a win-win for both organizations in that our students receive first-rate enrichment opportunities, while our staff and Walsh University students get professional development and a great environment to complete their service learning requirements," said Canton City School District Superintendent Adrian Allison. "Our kids deserve the best quality programming and I know Walsh University will help to provide that."