New Report Shows Better Student Engagement and Outcomes at Private Colleges


School News

A new report by the Council of Independent Colleges reinforces the fact that students who enroll in smaller private colleges like Walsh University are experiencing more student engagement and achieving better learning outcomes than their peers at public institutions. Among the findings of study are the following:

Academically Challenging Experiences: Students at private colleges similar to Walsh are more likely to experience courses that emphasize higher-order learning and reflective and integrative learning experiences as well as courses that require more effort, studying, writing and reading. Walsh academic initiatives include a focus on experiential, service and global learning experiences, with a curriculum that is tailored specifically towards the latest technology and workforce demands.

Student-Faculty Interactions: First-year and senior students at private colleges are more likely to interact with faculty members about their academic performance, co- and extra-curricular activities, and career plans after graduation. More than 90 percent of Walsh students say they have a positive relationship with their professors. With a 13 to 1 ratio, close student and faculty relationships are the hallmark of a Walsh education.

Effective Teaching Practices: Students at small, independent colleges report greater satisfaction with course organization, lectures, and feedback on assignments. Honored as a Catholic College of Distinction for the fifth consecutive year, Walsh is nationally recognized by its educational peers as an excellent university that uniquely prepares students for their careers through hands-on interactive learning, internships, global experiences, and service opportunities.

High-Impact Practices: Private college students experienced more educational practices that result in greater gains in student learning and higher levels of persistence, including service learning, research conducted with a faculty member, internships and field experiences, study abroad, and culminating senior experiences. Students graduate from Walsh prepared for the 21st Century workforce with strong communication and critical thinking skills, a global perspective, ethical decision making abilities and real-world experience in their fields. New buildings like the Saint John Paul II Center for Science Innovation have been thoughtful designed to facilitate student learning and advanced research opportunities for Walsh students.

Supportive Learning Environment: Students enrolled at private colleges are more likely to report that their institutions provided support that helped them succeed and that they attended events that addressed important social, economic, or political issues. Walsh has launched several initiatives that target social, economic and political real world issues, including the James B. Renacci Government Scholars Program, the first annual Ohio Hunger Dialogue, the Blouin Leaders in Social Justice and the Brother Francis Blouin Global Scholars Program.

Emphasis on Values and Ethics: Both first-year students and seniors who enrolled at private colleges are more likely to perceive that they made greater strides in developing or clarifying a personal code of values and ethics. As an independent, Catholic university, Walsh encourages individuals to act in accordance with reason guided by the example and teachings of Jesus Christ. Walsh’s founding mission is to create leaders in service to others. With 100 percent of the students body participating in service work locally and abroad, community volunteerism and academic service learning courses are not only beneficial for those receiving aid, but they are also valuable learning tools that build character and leadership skills.