Sold-Out Crowd Celebrates Cultural Diversity at Annual International Dinner


School News

More than 400 people gathered together to celebrate the heritage and culture of Walsh’s global campus community at this year’s sold-out International Dinner on Saturday, March 19, in the Barrette Business and Community Center. The annual Dinner was the culminating event for Walsh’s World Week Celebration held on campus from March 14 -19.

This year’s entertainment included an international fashion show, dancing performances and music provided by Walsh students and guests. 

"The International Dinner is an event that students, faculty and staff, and the community look forward to each year. It provides a unique opportunity for international and American students to share their heritage through food and entertainment," said Kristi Campbell, Director of International Student Services. "This event featured food, fashion, and entertainment from around the world. Walsh University has such talented students, and the dinner is an excellent opportunity for them to share of themselves -- their talents and their culture."

The fashion show included traditional garments modeled by Walsh’s international students from Uganda, Vietnam, China, El Salvador, Africa, Japan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, India, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Entertainment featured performances by the Canton City School District African Dance Troupe, traditional dances from Ireland, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, as well as music performed by Walsh faculty, staff and students. The evening also included surprise messages from Walsh students currently studying in global learning programs in Rome, Italy, and through the Semester at Sea.

Each year, the buffet-style dinner is prepared by Walsh’s international students as the main event for the evening. Students from 34 countries attend Walsh University, including India, Canada, Spain, Tanzania, Brazil, Bolivia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia and the UK.

"The dinner is complemented with live entertainment collaborated by all of the international students and staff, themed with the represented nations," Campbell added. "Guests experienced varied acts from featured countries, and special organizations. Walsh strives to promote cultural awareness and appreciation and this event helps to achieve that goal."

This event is sponsored by Walsh’s World Student Organization, formerly the International Club.  The student-led club officially changed its name in fall 2015 to promote global diversity and inclusion on campus. The name change reflects the club’s mission to be more recognizable to non-international students and more inviting to the entire campus.