Business Club Luncheon Welcomes Alumni, Pledges Digital Media Across the Curriculum


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The DeVille School of Business Club Scholarship Luncheon marked its 50th Anniversary by welcoming three alumni executives from Twitter, American Greetings and Verizon to discuss "the Digital Transformation." This year’s experts represented industry giants in innovation, creativity and information technology -- Twitter, American Greetings and Verizon Wireless. They are also Walsh University alumni. 

On November 17, in honor of Founders’ Day, more than 370 people were in attendance to welcome Ged Tarpey ’03, Twitter, Inc., Head of Media and Entertainment, West; Carol Miller ’93, American Greetings, Vice President, Corporate Innovation; and Bobby Morrison ’05, Verizon Wireless, Senior Vice President, Digital Operations.

View the article here from the Canton Repository, Wednesday, November 17, "Millennials Changing the Workplace: Walsh Students Hear Impact of Younger Workers."

"It’s my first time back in campus in 13 years. So coming back here and seeing the transformation of campus is just amazing," said Tarpey. "I’m really proud to be working for a company like Twitter which really, I think, transformed the communication distribution. It’s given voice to so many people out there around the world…Twitter is creating an open and public conversation for everybody."

Bobby Morrison shared the behind the scenes strategy of Verizon’s success and offered a piece of advice for everyone in the audience.

"Our faith plays a role in this also. I think we’ve checked our faith many times in corporate America at the door, when it should be a guiding principle to what our True North is," said Morrison. "So you’ll have lots of debates and lots of conversation but never let conscience take you down a path that you don’t agree with in Corporate America. I think we have a huge obligation not to do that and I hope our students see that obligation as they go forward."

Carol Miller took the stage to talk about how American Greetings, a 110-year-old greeting card company, has thrived in the digital transformation.

"To my new found friends at Twitter and Verizon, and to all the digital connection companies - keep up the great work. Because it doesn’t matter what tool service or platform any one of us uses to connect, what matters is that we continue to connect," said Miller. "Because when we connect with one another we gain a deeper understanding, a deeper appreciation that we are stuck with one another. And when that happens, barriers come down and human souls unite, making the world a more thoughtful and caring place. On behalf of three alumni, congratulations to the scholarship winners and to Walsh University DeVille School of Business. We can’t wait to see what happens next."

In addition to the luncheon, the alumni trio also met with students in several classes, toured The Garage, participated in a Salon Event "Celebrating Excellence in Innovation" at Gervasi Vineyard and presented in a Master Class Lecture on Wednesday, November 16.  Approximately 200 students, representing a wide-range of disciplines, participated in a discussion on "How Millennials are Changing the Workplace." The session was moderated by Sam Falletta, CEO of Incept Results Corporation, a local customer relationship digital media firm.


During the Master Class, Dr. Douglas Palmer, Vice President for Academic Affairs, made the announcement that all students starting with those enrolling fall 2017 will be required to take one course with a substantial embedded digital media component such as digitally shared videos, digital games, online tutorials or interactive webpages. This coursework component will provide an opportunity for students to use their creativity and technology to communicate by producing and disseminating digital media projects. 

"Walsh University is committed to helping students not only develop as intelligent, caring, compassionate human beings, but also ensuring that all students possess the knowledge and skills relevant for the digital age," said Dr. Palmer. "The ability to use digital tools and venues has joined with the traditional skills of writing and speaking as essential components of modern communication."

The new initiative is a part of Walsh’s ongoing commitment to preparing graduates for the challenges in the modern world. A course with a digital media designation can be in any discipline including Walsh’s general education curriculum, but must include an immersion and substantive digital media project that  helps the students develop the types of skills and knowledge that will enhance their digital confidence.

"The idea is to replicate what used to be called 'writing across the curriculum’ and add 'digital media’ to that component," said Dr. Palmer. "Students will still develop rhetorical skills but, in addition to writing essays and papers, will also produce an artifact in digital format and help them to contribute more productively in their communities and in their workplaces."