Walsh Adopts New Test Optional Admissions Policy


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Walsh University was founded in 1960 upon the belief that a high-quality, values-based education should be available to all who seek one. In honor of that enduring mission, Walsh is proud to announce that it will now offer a Test Optional Admissions Policy.

Effective fall 2015, standardized testing scores such as the SAT and ACT will no longer be required for Walsh admission applications. Acceptance to Walsh will be based upon application information, high school transcripts and admissions essay.

"Our Founders, the Brothers of Christian Instruction, believed that an education should be made available to everyone without barriers," said Walsh Vice President of Enrollment Management Alejandra C. Sosa Pieroni. "The test optional policy broadens the access to education and continues our Founders’ legacy to serve those who may not have access to ACT or SAT test preparation courses due to a lack of resources."

National trends in retention shows a closer correlation between high school Grade Point Averages (GPA) and college readiness vs. test scores and college readiness.

"Walsh University was founded on the belief that we educate the whole person," said Vice President for Academic Affairs Douglas Palmer, Ph.D. "This new policy will ensure that we continue to enroll students prepared to become 'leaders in service’ at Walsh, based on a criterion that is consistent with our educational mission."

Walsh will join the growing number of more than 800 universities nationally who have adopted the test optional policy including Denison University, Baldwin Wallace University, Wake Forest University, DePaul University and George Washington University.

"Study of retention and graduation data at Walsh proves that the biggest predictor in determining a student’s success in college is a high school GPA," said Pieroni. "As we look at our potential students, we want to take a more holistic approach and view each applicant as a person, with different strengths and talents. We feel it is more critical and valuable to evaluate a student’s application based on his or her four-year high school career, rather than the results of a test taken during a Saturday morning."

Walsh is committed to ensuring that test optional students have access to generous financial aid packages. All students are eligible for the test optional policy with the exception of recruited NCAA Division II athletes, homeschooled students, and international students without U.S. transcripts and with at least two years of U.S. high school education.

In addition, applicants to the following programs are not eligible to apply test optional:

  • Direct-Entry to Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • BA/MBA - B.A. in Business and M.A. Business Administration
  • BA/MA Counseling & Human Development Program 

High school transcripts submitted for Walsh application will be evaluated on the following categories:

  1. Recalculation of GPA- English, math, sciences, social studies/history, foreign language, and other college preparatory courses. Minimum of 3.0 college preparatory curriculum GPA in order to participate in the program. Please note that having a 3.0 GPA in a college preparatory curriculum does not guarantee admission to Walsh University. 
  2. Rigor of classes according to high school offerings- number of dual enrollment, honors, AP/IB courses taken by student
  3. Consistency of performance across four years of high school course work

Each student will be required to submit an essay that will:

  1. Measure a student’s writing ability, which is proven critical in college success
  2. Measure a student’s non-cognitive traits such as positive self-concept, service, leadership, ability to meet long-term goals, and knowledge acquired in the field

For more information, visit or contact the Office of Admissions directly at (800) 362-9846.