Walsh Announces New Major in Sports Management


School News

April 24, 2019

Walsh University has announced the launch of a new undergraduate degree program in Sports Management, through the University’s DeVille School of Business.

According to Forbes magazine, by the end of 2019, the sports market in North America is expected to reach $73.5 billion. The new Sports Management program is designed to provide students with the academic preparation and practical training for success in the sports industry, which includes the production, facilitation, promotion and organization of any activity, experience or business focused on fitness, recreation, sport tourism or leisure. The program also presents an opportunity to specialize in one of the following areas: Marketing, Communication and Data Analytics. Graduates will be prepared with necessary skills to work in this multi-billion dollar industry at various levels and in different roles in sports organizations.

Potential careers include

  • Marketing and Promotions 
  • Sports Agent
  • Corporate Sales
  • Athletic Director/Compliance 
  • Facility Coordinator
  • Sports Event Planner
  • Fitness Manager
  • Sports Information Director

Interested participants should contact the Walsh University Office of Admissions at 330-490-7172 or visit

Hallmarks of the Walsh University Sports Management program will also include:

Engaged/Hands-on Learning:  Experiential "hands-on" learning will be implemented throughout the Sports Management curriculum. Each student will be required to complete a co-op with a partnering sports organization. This will allow students to apply and expand their skills to solve real-world problems. Walsh students have interned at organizations including: Professional Football Hall of Fame, Cleveland Cavaliers and more.  

Business Understanding:  In a constantly changing, dynamic environment, students will learn how important effective management is for a sports organization's success and ultimate sustainability.

Responsible Best-Practices:  Ethical, social, moral and personal responsibility is emphasized throughout the coursework and embedded in classroom and experiential learning.

Global PerspectiveStudents will delve into the impact of the global environment on the management field. Walsh courses also recognize how its practices differ in other countries and cultures.