Walsh Announces New School of Arts & Science Divisions, Names Two Division Chairs


School News

Walsh University has announced the establishment of two new divisions within its School of Arts and Sciences. The former Division of Languages and Letters will become the Division of Literature, Language and Communication while the Division of Philosophy and Theology will become part of the newly restructured Division of Humanities.

"These new divisions were created to support our belief that you don't have to make a choice between a classical liberal arts discipline and developing job skills for the 21st century economy," said Vice President for Academic Affairs Douglas Palmer, Ph.D. "At Walsh, you can pursue the liberal arts degree of your choosing, such as History, Philosophy, English or Theology, while developing valuable, employable skills at the same time."

Professor of Communication Mark Rogers, Ph.D., has been appointed Chair for the newly formed Literature, Language and Communication Division. This Division will include majors in Communication, Corporate Communication, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Professional Writing, English, Foreign Languages and Spanish for Healthcare.

Former Chair of the Division of Philosophy and Theology and Associate Professor of Philosophy Bradley Beach, Ph.D., has been named Chair of the new Division of Humanities. The newly restructured Division will include majors in Philosophy, Theology, Government & Foreign Affairs, History and International Relations.

"The new Division of Humanities encourages students to build on foundational knowledge of our liberal arts and Catholic traditions and in turn cultivate relevant skills for solving real issues and global problems," said Dr. Palmer. "We are fortunate to have faculty leaders who have been engaged in the community, beyond just their discipline. Humanities is more than just discussing philosophical or religious ideals. It is taking those ideals and utilizing them to become the positive change in the world. This ties directly into Walsh’s mission to develop leaders in service to others."