Walsh University Now Offers Engineering


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Walsh University Partners with the University of Dayton to Offer Engineering Degree Program


Walsh University will partner with the University of Dayton on a joint degree program for students interested in pursuing careers in engineering. This new partnership will allow students to earn their Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science in engineering degree in just five years, rather than the usual four for an undergraduate degree and two for a master's degree.

Walsh students will wrap up their bachelor's degree and start their master's studies in one of the following tracks in the fourth year of the program.

Students will spend the final two years on the University of Dayton campus close to world-class research facilities, including Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the University of Dayton Research Institute, the GE Aviation EPISCENTER and the Emerson Climate Technologies Helix, where they can gain real-world research and hands-on work experience. 

"We are thrilled not only to be able to offer engineering at Walsh, but to be partnered with a great Catholic university like the University of Dayton for this program," said Walsh Vice President for Academic Affairs Douglas Palmer, Ph.D. "The 3+2 engineering program is ideally suited for students who want to become engineers but still value a small-campus environment and personalized attention. Plus, it will make earning a graduate degree in engineering faster and more affordable than ever."

The University of Dayton ranks 34th among all U.S. colleges and universities for sponsored engineering research and development. It is No. 2 among Ohio colleges and universities and No. 1 among Catholic colleges and universities.

"Walsh students will find the same values-oriented educational experience at an institution with a long and rich history of engineering excellence and opportunities for research and engagement with real-world problem solving," said University of Dayton School of Engineering Dean Eddy Rojas.

For more information, or to enroll, visit or call the Walsh Office of Admissions at 800-362-9846.