Walsh Students Present Living Stations of the Cross


School News

For the second consecutive year, Walsh University students have taken the initiative to organize and perform their own production of the Stations of the Cross.  On Friday, March 16, more than 140 people joined together for this spiritual and modern presentation which was the second of three performances held at St. Joseph’s Church in Massillon and on the campus of Walsh. The final performance was held on Tuesday, March 27,  in the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel.

The Living Stations combined modern day music, student reflections and reenactments of each step Jesus took to dying on the cross. Modern music was specifically chosen for the words that relate to a particular station. Each reflection was written by a college student who recognized a relation between that particular station to the hardships of life. Each station was brought to life by college students who understand that it is more than just a role they play. Students worked together to face this tragedy head on in hopes to engage those who were watching and increase their love for our Lord.

"During the fall semester of my junior year, I saw a need for people to go deeper in their faith during the season of Lent," said event organizer and Walsh senior Claire Corridoni. "The Living Stations is another way for people to connect with Jesus on His journey to the cross. It is not just a production that has actors, but a raw truth being brought to life in the present time."

The Living Stations offered a new way for attendees to pray through Christ’s Passion and grow in their faith during the Lenten season. 

"Sometimes we can pray the stations of the cross every Friday and get into a routine, but this helps people see it in a new way," said freshman Gabe Kraus, who plays Jesus. It’s a humbling experience to play a part in this. I think that we get a very small glimpse of what Jesus went through, and it makes it mean that much more."

These moving presentations of The Living Stations have brought crowds to each performance.  Attendees leave inspired by the life of Jesus and way of the Cross as portrayed by the students. 

"To me, Living Stations is remembering Christ's sacrifice so that we could all be here today. He gave his life for each and every one of us and we should always remember this amazing sacrifice," said sophomore Alex Branham, a solider.  "It feels beautiful bringing to life the passion of our Lord. It hits me each and every time and makes me realize what we are truly called to do here on Earth as disciples of Christ. Living Stations has impacted my faith this Lent by pushing me to go out of my comfort zone to be in front of others and show others the Passion of Christ."

Organized by Walsh University students, participants included Caroline Shell, Amelia Ohlin, Olivia Schmelzer, DJ White, David Rubino, John Joyce, Gabe Kraus, Jordi Emrick, Maria McGrath, Matt Miller, Alex Branham, Danny Coffey, Kaili Kashiwaeda, Madison Markus and Sadie Frohnapple. Musical selections performed by Lili Meadows.