Walsh Releases Updated 2020-2024 Academic Year Calendars

With the recent announcement that Walsh will move to a new 8-week format this fall, the University has released its revised Academic Calendars for 2020-2024.  To learn more about the benefits of an 8-week term, please click here.

A few points to remember:

  • The fall schedule will be finished and published for students’ review by mid-July.
  • Fall Semester 2020 will be divided into two 8-week sessions, named Fall I and Fall II.
  • Subsequent semesters, Spring and Summer will reflect the same format with Spring I and Spring II; Summer I and Summer II. You will register for your spring courses in November.
  • Students, you DO NOT need to re-register for fall classes. There will be an initial adjustment to your fall schedule to fit with the new 8-week format and you will then have the chance to review and make any and all final adjustments to your schedule with the support of your academic advisor to ensure that you remain on track to degree completion. Please keep a look out for an email in your inbox in mid-July to prompt you to log into the Cav Center to review your initial adjusted schedule and then make your final schedule changes. If you have not yet secured your fall semester schedule, there is still time to do so. We encourage you to contact your academic advisor for assistance.

Highlights of the new 8-week format include:

  • Everyone, including graduate students, will get a spring break. Next year’s spring break is scheduled for March 8-12, 2021. 
  • Everyone will have CAV Time in the late afternoon before dinner. This will be a block of a couple of hours every day for students to go to club meetings, athletic practice or meetings, work on collaborative group projects, attend study tables or go to Mass. Daily Mass will likely be at 4:30 p.m. moving forward. 
  • Everyone will now have a 15-minute break in between classes to allow for more time to clean and disinfect the classrooms.