Brother Edmond Drouin Library

Welcome to the Brother Edmond Drouin Library at Walsh University. Through the Library your student can request any of the 50 million books, DVDs and other items available in colleges and universities throughout Ohio. They can also access 18 million online articles, 320,000 ebooks and 48,000 streaming videos using the Library’s webpage. 

The library also has a collection of textbooks that your student can check out for two hours at a time. When your student knows which textbooks they need, please ask them to contact the library. We can show them how to search for any available textbooks in Walsh and other libraries, too. 

Links to the Library’s web page can be found on the “Quicklinks” drop down menu located on all Walsh University web pages, or just type into your browser. 

On the Library’s homepage you’ll see the “Library Resources” drop down menu. On that menu you’ll find the “Get Help – Students” link. Click on it for information about the Library and the services we offer for your student. 

To help you learn more about the library and the services we offer, visit: 

The Library’s web page:
The “Get help - Students” page:
The Introduction to the Library video:


The Personal Librarian Service

Every student at Walsh has a Personal Librarian assigned to them according to their major. Your student’s Personal Librarian is able to answer their research questions, demonstrate how to search the specialized databases in their field of study, help with citations and research questions.  We can help them when they don’t know where to start, or when they can’t think of what to do next. And remember that every librarian at Walsh is happy to help your student with their questions or concerns. Just ask us. 

Who is your student’s Personal Librarian? 

Katie Hutchison is the Personal Librarian for students studying Communication, Computer Science, Education, Juvenile Literature & Curriculum, History, and Sociology.

Katie’s video introduction:
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Mike Jundi is the Personal Librarian for students studying Nursing, Life Sciences & Biology, Exercise Science, Medicine & Public Health, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Chemistry, Engineering and Physics. 

Mike’s video introduction:
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Alyssa Mitchell is the Personal Librarian for students studying Business, Professional Writing, Geography, Anthropology, Law, Foreign Languages, Math & Statistics, Museum Studies, Philosophy, Ethics, Government & Foreign Affairs, and Fine Arts.

Alyssa’s video introduction:
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 Kathy Adams is the Personal Librarian for students in General Studies and those who haven’t chosen a major.

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LuAnn Boris is the Personal Librarian for students studying Theology, Psychology, Counseling, Music, English Literature and Foreign Language Literature.

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