Professional Advising

The Walsh University Professional Advising department assists students in the development of their academic programs, educates students on their advisee responsibilities, and assists students in their individual needs by working in collaboration with other campus support services and academic departments. Advisors work with students to achieve academic excellence by fostering critical thinking, effective communication, and growth opportunities. 

Professional Advisors are located in the south wing of La Mennais Hall.

Who We Are: Walsh University Professional Advisors are assigned to students based on major and assist all incoming Freshmen during their first year on campus. 

What We Do: Professional Advisors educate Freshmen on their degree curriculum, advise students in the classes needed to complete their degrees in a timely manner- 4 years, and assist students in the registration process for their classes. However, Professional Advisors do more than just academic advising. Those who work for the department are trained to assist students in selection of Major, Career Advising, Global Learning programs, answer general questions on Financial Aid, college department requirements, registration, transfer information, and NCAA compliance rules. Referrals are often made to… Tutoring, Library Services, Financial Aid, International Services, Accessibility Services, Counseling, Athletic Advisors for in-depth answers to NCAA compliance rules for student athletes, and the Walsh Care Team (a program that assists students struggling with personal issues that arise during the course of a given semester/academic year).

Students are required to meet with their advisor 2 times each fall and spring semester.

Fall Meetings

  • September to October - Students meet with their advisor to create a course sequence that is major specific and outlines all classes and requirements for at least the first two years of college. 
  • October - Advisors meet with poor-performing students to discuss mid-term grades. 
  • October to November - Students meet with their advisor to select and pre-register for classes.

Spring Meetings

  • January to February - Students meet with their advisor to discuss test scores as they pertain to retention and completion. 
  • February - Advisors meet with poor-performing students to discuss mid-term grades. 
  • March to April - Students meet with their advisor to select and pre-register for classes.

*During meeting times, advisors make it a priority to check in with students to see how they are doing in all areas. For those who need extra support, referrals are made to additional campus resource opportunities which can assist in student success and overall satisfaction of their college experience. Advisors also assist in outreach to help those students who may have trouble initiating contact with those support services that may be helpful to them.

Our Goal: The goal of Professional Advising is to assist students in their first year of college, while also educating Freshmen on how to take personal responsibility for their education and advocate for themselves during their remaining time at Walsh. By the time students begin Sophomore year the Professional Advising office aims to have students in a declared major they plan on persisting in, register for classes on their own (with assistance from Faculty Content Advisors), know how to recognize their own limitations and areas needing for improvement, and seek out campus support services that will be of benefit to them. 

Finding Your Professional Advisor: To view their professional advisor assignment, students must log in to the Cavalier Center – Enter the Secure Area – Select Office of the Registrar – Select Academic Records – Select General Student Information. 

Our Team:

Director of Professional Academic Advising

Vanessa Freiman 


Professional Academic Advisors

Nicholas DiAntonio: Education, Language, Communication, and Humanities Majors

Ellen Kutz: Pre-Nursing Majors

Jenna Shatrich: Sciences and Mathematics Majors (excluding Pre-Engineering) 

Bradyn Shively: Social and Behavioral and Health Sciences (this includes Exercise Science), Undecided, All Pre-Engineering Majors

Julie Thornberry: All Business Majors

Scheduling an Appointment: Use the Link on our website (