Campus Safety

At Walsh University, the safety of our students is of the highest priority. Walsh’s Campus Police Department’s primary goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for the campus community. A patrolling officer can be reached 24/7 by calling 330-490-7474.

Here are a few highlights of how we help ensure the safety of our Walsh University students and all campus visitors: 

  • The Campus Police department is staffed by sworn law enforcement offers who are certified by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council. The officers have full arrest power, are armed with weapons, and are able to provide all necessary police services on the University property. Campus Police also provides escort services after hours for students walking from classes or from parking lots to their dorm rooms. 
  • The WU Emergency Alert System is used to communicate emergencies such as school closures, natural disasters or imminent threats. Each student can provide up to six phone numbers, two email addresses, and one text message number to receive WU Alert Notifications. Students can update the contacts online via the Cavalier Center.
  • Each residence hall has secure swipe entry and a landline phone at each main entrance. Only students living in the building will be able to access the front doors with their student ID card. Non-residents, including guests, are required to be escorted at all times within the building by the student host.

Additional information, including the university's closing policy for inclement weather and a full Safety & Security report, are available here