Walsh University Global Learning

Inspired by the example of global citizenship of the Brothers of Christian Instruction, the Office of Global Learning provides opportunities for students to develop into leaders in service with an international perspective. Global Learning promotes learning that transforms the student, the university and the communities, which they serve. 

Why Global Learning? 

Our students develop:

  • An increased independence and self-confidence
  • The ability to earn credit toward a degree while experiencing
  • Different cultures and customs
  • An opportunity to learn and put to use a new language
  • An enhanced global perspective important to today's employees

Apart from the academic component of these ventures, an extended period of time abroad offers a cultural immersion, an opportunity to examine habits and attitudes different from those at home. Participants in Walsh University's Global Learning Programs accept challenges different from those on our campus, and return to North Canton with a larger view of the world, a deeper understanding of its peoples and a stronger sense of themselves. The Office of Global Learning encourages students to explore our overseas opportunities and facilitates the study abroad process.

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