What is Service-Learning?

Service-Learning is "a method under which students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service that meet actual community needs, that are integrated into the students’ academic curriculum, and that foster civic engagement and personal development through structured reflection. It enhances what is taught in class by extending student learning into the community.” - Adopted from the American Association for Higher Education Series

The Office of Service-Learning's mission is to facilitate mutually beneficial service-learning opportunities among Walsh and the local community. We do this by supporting faculty as they incorporate service into courses and by understanding community needs through relationships with local organizations. Walsh’s Service-Learning experiences are academically based, allowing your students to make stronger connections to their coursework and better prepare for their future careers.


How do your students get involved in Service-Learning?

As part of their General Education curriculum, every Walsh undergraduate student is required to take at least one Service Learning course. Some majors have SL-designated courses built into their specific curriculum, so your students should check with their academic advisor before enrolling in a course. 

Students may also find additional community engagement opportunities such as community-based federal work study and other experiences with the Office of Service-Learning. Please encourage your civic-minded and servant-hearted students to find us in the Camelot Music and Career Readiness & Development Center on the 1st floor of the Global Learning Center, or email Mike Cinson at!