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Nisreen Nusair

Professor of Biochemistry

B.A., Jordan University of Science & Technology; Ph.D., Miami University

Walsh University
A Catholic University of Distinction
2020 East Maple Street
North Canton, Ohio44720
United States


Nisreen A. Nusair, Tia D. Dorozenski, Thomas B. Cardon, Johnson, J. Inbaraj, Ethan, S. Karp, Justin P. Newstadt, Stuart M. Grosser, and Gary A. Lorigan

"Time-Resolved EPR Spectroscopic Immersion Depth Studies of the M2dTransmembrane Segment of the Acetylcholine Receptor Incorporated into Bicelles".In progress, 2009.

Paresh C. Dave, Nisreen A. Nusair, Johnson J. Inbaraj, and Gary A. Lorigan"Electron paramagnetic resonance studies of magnetically aligned phospholipid bilayers utilizing a phospholipid spin label: the effect of cholesterol". Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Biomembranes, 2005, 1714 (2): 141-151

Nisreen A. Nusair and Gary A. Lorigan"Investigating the Structural and Dynamic Properties of n-Doxylstearic Acid in Magnetically Aligned Phospholipid Bilayers by X-band EPR Spectroscopy". Chemphys. Lipids, 2005, 133 (2): 151-164

Nisreen A. Nusair, Elvis K. Tiburu, Paresh C. Dave, and Gary A. Lorigan"Investigating fatty acids inserted into magnetically aligned phospholipid bilayers using EPR and NMR spectroscopy". J. Magn. Reson., 2004, 168 (2): 228-237

Johnson J. Inbaraj, Nisreen A. Nusair, and Gary A. Lorigan "Investigating magnetically Aligned Phospholipid Bilayers with EPR Spectroscopy at Q-band (35 GHz): Optimization and Comparison with X-band (9 GHz)". J. Magn. Reson., 2004, 171 (1): 71-79

Paresh C. Dave, Elvis K. Tiburu, Nisreen A. Nusair, and Gary. A. Lorigan"Calculating order parameter profiles utilizing magnetically aligned phospholipid bilayers for 2H Solid-state NMR studies". Solid State NMR, 2003, 24: 137-149.

Gary A. Lorigan, Elvis K. Tiburu, Thomas B. Cardon, Paresh C. Dave, and Nisreen A. Nusair "Investigating membrane proteins with solid-state NMR spectroscopy and EPR spectroscopy" Biophys. J., 2003, 84 (2): 131

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