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Nurse Educator Program

Photo of Walsh nursing studentsIn 2005, an expert panel of nurse educators developed the Scope of Practice for Nurse Educators (NLN Certification Governance Committee, 2005). The Nurse Educator, or NE, is charged with preparing the next generation of nurses to function in the health care settings of the 21st century.

The primary roles of an Nurse Educator are teacher, scholar and collaborator. The Nurse Educator Program at Walsh prepares NEs to teach in a variety of settings and with a variety of levels of students. NE’s are often involved in interdisciplinary collaboration and leadership functions within institutions. The Nurse Educator program at Walsh is designed to provide foundational information and skills for practice as an NE.

To become a Nurse Educator the following courses are needed:

Foundation Courses (11 Credit Hours)     
NURS600 - Theoretical Development of Nursing Science (3)   
NURS601 - Research Methods and Evidenced Based Practice (3)     
NURS603 - Professional Role Development & Ethical Issues (3)
NURS606 - Health Care Policy, Organization, and Financing (2)

Practice Application Courses (18 Credit Hours)
NURS 605 - Epidemiological Methods for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention (2)
NURS610 - Advanced Pathophysiology (3)
NURS612 - Advanced Pharmacology (3)
NURS618 - Health Informatics (2)        
NURS614 - Advanced Health Assessment (3)
NURS615 - Seminar in Advanced Clinical specialty (2)  
NURS617 - Seminar in Professional Development (2)
NURS616 - Practicum in Advanced Clinical specialty (150 clinical hours) (3) 
NURS619 - Practicum in Professional Development (150 clinical hours) (3)

* Health informatics requires project time
**Health Assessment requires lab time

Expert Knowledge:   (11 Credit Hours)
NURS630 - Assessment, Measurement & Evaluation in Nursing Education (2)
NURS631 - Curriculum Design in Nursing Education (3)
NURS632 - Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education (2)  
NURS635 - Practicum in Nursing Education (160 clinical hours) (4) 

Total Credit Hours: 40
Total Clinical Hours:  310

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