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Spring 2015 Online Courses



In order to successfully register for an online course with Walsh University, the following guidelines must be followed.  Note that these guidelines are not all inclusive, and additions or changes may occur. 

1. Student must provide a Pre-registration Permission Form (signed by advisor), AND contact Jade Krempasky in order to register for an online course.  Jade Krempasky can be reached at (330) 490-7289, toll free at 1-866-994-6776, or via e-mail at jkrempasky@walsh.edu .  Please include your phone number on the Pre-registration Form.

2. The Pre-Registration Permission Form can be faxed to Jade at 330-490-7297, or sent electronically to her email. (as noted above). 

3. Course pre-requisite(s) must be completed prior to registration of the online course.   

4. If student has failed an in-class course, that exact course may not be taken online. 

5. If a student is on probation, online coursework will not be permitted .

6. Walsh University reserves the right to refuse online coursework based on the student’s gpa (see your advisor).

7. A grade of “incomplete” cannot be issued for an online course.

8. Walsh University has the right to refuse online coursework based on the student’s outstanding tuition financial obligations or payment history to Walsh University.

9. The maximum number of online courses a student will be permitted to take is ten (30 semester credit hours). 

10. Students will NOT be permitted to take an online course during the final eight week session of the semester in which they plan to graduate. 

11. Registration deadline dates are noted on the online course schedule.  Registrations will NOT be accepted AFTER the posted registration deadline date.

12. Registration drop deadline is always one week from the start of class. (Ex:  If the online class begins on March 5th, the student must formally drop the class by March 12th.)  Note:  There will be an automatic $50.00 fee for dropping any course prior to the drop deadline date.  If dropped after the drop deadline date, the student will be charged and responsible for full tuition. 

13. Online course grades typically take two weeks longer (than in-class grades) to post on the Cavalier Center.

14. Student should contact Jade Krempasky regarding any and all online course issues or concerns prior to registering for, or during an online course.