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Online Housing Application

Welcome to the Walsh University Online Housing Application. In order to begin the application process, please complete each of the fields listed below. In order for your application to be processed, please make sure your $200.00 refundable housing deposit has been submitted to the Walsh University Admissions or Residence Life Office.

Online Housing Application

Note: Form fields appended with the asterisk (*) are required to ensure the best possible response to your submitted information
Student Information
  1. Entry Semester*
  2. Class Rank*
  3. Would you prefer to live with someone of a similar major?*
  4. Would you prefer to live with a student athlete?
  5. Would you prefer to live with an international student?*
Selecting Your Meal Plan
  1. Full Meal Plan Options*
    Residents of Lemmon Hall, The Commons, Brauchler, Meier, and Stein Halls may select a FULL or LIMITED meal plan option.
    Limited Meal Plan Options*
Alternative Housing Preferences
  1. Alternative Housing Preferences
Living Learning Communities

Walsh University currently offers three Living-Learning programs that offer opportunities for academic support, social engagement, and professional growth. If you are interested in a LLC, please check the box below. Limited spaces are available. Additional information will be provided during Summer Orientation.

  1. Communities
Residence Hall and Room Preferences

Please rank order your building preference 1 = highest preference, 7 = lowest preference

  1. Required for Freshman students. Standard Double or Triple Room ($2630.00 per semester)
  2. 4-Person Suite (Double Bedrooms) in a traditional residence hall setting ($3125.00 per semester)
  3. 4-Person Suite (Double Bedrooms) in a traditional residence hall setting ($3510.00 per semester)
  4. Rank Betzler Tower
  5. Rank Wilkof Tower
  6. Rank Olivieri Towers
  7. Rank University Apartments (Brauchler, Meier, and Stein Halls)
Personal Lifestyle Preferences

For each category, please select only ONE response for your personal lifestyle preference.

  1. Personal Hours*
  2. Approach to Cleanliness*
  3. In-Room Study Atmosphere*
  4. Socializing*
  5. I deal with conflict by
  6. Smoking
Requesting a Roommate

The Office of Residence Life cannot guarantee your roommate or suitemate selection. In order for a request to be considered, the request MUST be mutual between both roommates and received no later than July 1st.

Electronic Signature

By signing below, I verify that this application has been completed by the student applicant and all information is accurate. I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the Office of Residence Life with any changes or adjustments to the Housing Application.

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