A Parent's Role in Career Development

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Your influence is an important factor in your student’s decision to deliberate on their choice of major/career and commit to the planning necessary to compete in today’s job market.

Encourage your student to utilize our resources as freshmen so that they are well equipped to begin their career journey upon graduation.

Below are some tips on how to support your student during their career exploration.

Support Your Student's Career Development

Encourage your student to visit Career Services BEFORE they reach their junior year.

The Career Center Staff can help a student select a major and career, prepare a resume, search for jobs and internships, practice interviewing, and more!

Assist your student with thinking realistically about their skills and interests.

Remember, students frequently change majors after gaining additional self-awareness, experiences, and information about careers. Stay open to new ideas and help your student research careers so that they can make informed decisions.

Help your student recognize and develop their strengths.

Reflect on their past academic successes and interests and explore how these might form a basis for future success. What hobbies occupy their free time? Don't dwell on their weaknesses. Encourage and applaud them as they succeed.

Let your student make decisions.

While suggestions may be appreciated, encourage your student to take ownership for making major and career choices. Keep in mind that picking a major does not necessarily mean selecting a specific occupation or career.

Promote the value of internships.

Getting experience through internships, part-time work, or volunteer activities can assist your student in strengthening their credentials while testing out career possibilities.