Were here for you, too

Tour Walsh UniversityAs parents and family members of a Walsh University student, you play an integral role in the Walsh University experience! We look forward to working with your student during their tenure at Walsh University, as we embrace every opportunity to foster your son or daughter’s development while a student on our campus.

One needs only to look to the Walsh University Mission Statement to understand our commitment and responsibilities to our students, both inside and outside the classroom. The mission reflects our dedication to educating our students to become leaders in service to others through a values-based education with an international perspective in the Judeo-Christian tradition. It also emphasizes our commitment to provide our students a higher education that fosters critical thinking, effective communication, spiritual growth, and personal, professional, and cultural development.

The faculty have dedicated their lives to this teaching profession, and will support and challenge your student to develop intellectual, career and interpersonal skills that will prepare them for success not only at Walsh University, but for the next step in their lives - whether that be employment, graduate school, public service, and a host of other possibilities our students have envisioned for their futures. 

Outside Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Athletics professionals are the primary source for life skills education, creating opportunities for students to develop in a supportive community. We provide comprehensive student services and programs that are responsive to individual and community needs, empowering students through mentoring, teaching and modeling. 

Walsh University is a diverse collection of educators with a common goal. We are committed to the holistic development of students, including an understanding and appreciation of six core values:

  • Respect for self, others, and the world in which we live
  • Integrity in thought, word and deed
  • Excellence in the teaching and learning process
  • An apprecia­tion of diversity
  • Hospitality
  • Selfless service

It is our firm belief that all students have the potential to develop and become valuable assets in our world community. 

Students will be challenged during their Walsh University experience to live up to their personal and family values, the values of Walsh University and simply put, to work hard to accomplish their academic and co-curricular goals while at Walsh University.  In turn, you can expect our faculty and staff to be driven for our care and concern for your student and will offer both the support and challenge which is required to encourage your student to embrace every opportunity to grow and succeed at Walsh University.  

Help them make a good decision

We know you'll have questions in order to make a good decision too and we're here to answer them. Please contact us to let us know how we can help.