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Too many memories to narrow down

Peggy Fanelli Jakab

Peggy Fanelli Jakab - Class of 1976

I still remember Sr. Helene, who always critiqued my education classes with the suggestion "to seek less flowing hairstyle and Mary-like clothing". Though I didn't take her fashion advice, her instruction helped me develop into a successful educator. I can't forget Marian Fuciu, who ran the snack bar. She was always ready to lend motherly advice. I still come to Canton to visit her. Walsh has grown into a beautiful university, but I am content with the memories I hold close to my heart when Walsh was merely a fraction of what it is now.

Sometimes I have to remember that I didn't just graduate from Walsh a few years ago, but rather over three decades! Thinking back to my time at Walsh brings back many pleasant memories. I can't pinpoint just one occasion. There were many times and many people that I can recall with fondness. I think of Pat, Fitz, Weeza, , Denise, Sharon, Jan and all the late night fun we had in the dorm. I think of Brother Robert, Brother Roland, Brother Conrad, Brother Harrison, Mrs. Ling and Dr. Duncan. They all touched my life not just in the classroom, but in their interest in my life.