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Philosophy Degree

What is Philosophy?

The term "philosophy" translates to "love of wisdom." People use philosophical lessons, beliefs and theories in their search to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live, as well as their relationship to each other and to God.

Some of the questions that have become the objects of philosophical programs include:

  • What really exists?
  • Can anything be known?
  • Are there any universal moral standards?
  • Does God exist?

People with intellectual curiosity, who tend to ask themselves "Why?" and feel a need to find the answers to complex questions, enjoy and flourish in philosophy programs.


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What makes Walsh's Philosophy major unique?

  • Rooted in tradition. Our major is designed around the institutional commitment to Catholic values and beliefs. Consequently, our major emphasizes the Catholic identity of Walsh University.
  • Two areas of concentration. We have two tracks of study: Great Ideas, which explores the great philosophical traditions, and Applied Ethics, which is designed to help students address moral values across disciplinary boundaries.

In addition, students have the option to enroll in Walsh's new 4+1 Program for non-business majors who would like to supplement their bachelor's degree with an MBA. Through the program, students simultaneously earn undergraduate and graduate credit for Walsh's MBA Prep Series courses, saving both time and money as students pursue their advanced degree. 

Generally speaking, what courses will I need to take?

Philosophy majors need to take the Heritage courses required of all Walsh graduates. In addition, Philosophy students take gateway courses in the major. These are classes that enhance students' reasoning skills; research methods and writing styles that are used in this field; moral development; and understanding of Catholic tradition. Finally, students complete course work in their chosen concentration - either Applied Ethics or Great Ideas.

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