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Pre-Professional Degree

What are the Pre-Professional Programs at Walsh University?

 Walsh's Pre-Professional Programs prepare students for future careers in physical therapy, medicine, optometry, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary sciences.

These programs have high success rates - nearly 100% of students in all our Pre-Professional Programs attend the post-graduate schools of their choice.



What makes Walsh's Pre-Professional Programs unique?

  • Choice of two scientific majors. Students in these programs major in either Biology or Chemistry. Most choose Biology as their major and minor in Chemistry. Those with a strong math background may choose to major in Chemistry with a minor in Biology. Choosing to major and minor in these sciences strengthens our students' application portfolios. Advisors work with them to recommend the concentration that suits them best. 
  • Strong internship programs. Students have the opportunity to gain experience with physicians and medical centers in our region.
  • Alumni support. Walsh graduates who are physicians act as a support network for our students, answering questions and offering insight into the day-to-day functions of a practicing physician.

What Pre-Professional Programs are available?

 Pre-Physical Therapy

  • On-campus graduate program. Walsh is home to a first-class graduate program where students have the opportunity to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.
  • Program flexibility. This pre-professional degree offers a strong scientific background, providing flexibility if a student decides to change tracks mid-course and choose Pre-Medicine or Pre-Pharmacy. It also offers a solid foundation for graduate studies in any science field.
  • Accelerated degree options. Walsh offers a fast-track program for those who qualify.

An incoming freshman can receive direct admission into the DPT program, if the student meets the following criteria.

Pre-Medicine, Pre-Optometry

  • Preparation for the MCAT and beyond. Students take the standardized test for entry into medical school at the end of their junior year. Their courses and lab work prepare them for this exam, as well as the rigors of medical school training.
  • Thriving alumni. Walsh graduates are successfully practicing medicine all over Ohio and across the United States. They completed their M.D. or D.O. programs at medical schools such as The Ohio State University, Penn State and Ohio University.

Medical schools look for diverse individuals who also have strong academic records. Students should maintain a minimum 3.3 to 3.5 GPA and be involved in volunteer service, internships and leadership roles on campus.


  • Setting groundwork for the DAT. Students take the DAT, a standardized test for entry into dental school, at the end of their junior year. Their courses and lab work prepare them for this exam, as well as the rigors of dental school training.
  • Successful alumni. Walsh graduates are practicing dentistry throughout Ohio and across the country. Many completed the DDS program at The Ohio State University or Case Western Reserve University.

Like medical schools, dental schools also look for individuals who are diverse and academically strong. Students in this program should maintain a minimum 3.3 to 3.5 GPA and be involved in volunteer service, internships and leadership roles on campus.


  • 100% post-graduate acceptance rate. In the last 10 years, all of Walsh's Pre-Pharmacy students have been accepted into the pharmacy school of their choice.
  • Preparation for the PSAT. Students complete a rigorous curriculum that makes them ready to take the PSAT exam at the end of their junior year.
  • Real-world opportunities. The pre-professional degree includes opportunities for job shadowing and volunteer work, which will strengthen students' portfolios. Our student advisors help students find and complete internships. For example, staff member Dr. Nisreen Nusair is a registered pharmacist who provides our students with advice and support.
  • Strong partnerships. We have working relationships with the Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy's School of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and other distinguished organizations in Ohio.


  • Rooted in Biology. Most Walsh University Pre-Veterinary students complete the Biology major. 
  • High success rate. Our students are highly successful in moving on to graduate study. In fact, most of our Pre-Veterinary graduates have attended The Ohio State University's College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Hands-on learning. Students have many opportunities to shadow veterinary professionals and work as interns at local clinics like the North Canton Veterinary Hospital.

Generally speaking, what courses will I need to take?

Courses will vary depending on the different Pre-Professional Programs. Some specific courses for each program include:

Biology: Pre-Dental, Pre-Medical, Pre-Optical, Pre-Pharmacy and Pre-Veterinary

  • Microbiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Molecular Pharmacology
  • Biochemistry

Biology: Pre-Physical Therapy

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Human Physiology
  • Microanatomy
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Human Development and Lifespan
  • Exercise Physiology