Public Health

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Public health often makes headlines in response to epidemics or pandemics. However, public health is more than just than just disease management. It is the art and science of preventing disease as well as protecting and improving the health of individuals and their communities. Public health includes promoting healthy lifestyles, researching disease and injury prevention, and detecting, preventing and responding to infectious diseases.  

A Bachelor of Arts degree in public health is ideal for individuals with a strong interest in health policy and in socioeconomic and sociocultural aspects of public health. Curriculum includes courses in biology, sociology, human behaviors and other health-related topics. 




Why Walsh?

  • Personal Attention. Our class sizes are small, giving students more one-on-one attention from their instructors.
  • Accelerated Format. Designed for busy, working adults, this degree can be completed by taking online courses offered in accelerated 8-week sessions. 
  • Responsible Best Practices. As part of the Walsh University mission, we place a great deal of focus on the ethical practice of healthcare administration.


Career Opportunities

Upon completing a B.A. in public health, graduates are prepared for work in areas including government, nonprofits, consulting and advocacy organizations. Many graduates go on to medical school, pharmacy school or other graduate programs. Some also pursue careers such as:  

  • Program assistant for health organizations 
  • Health-related assessment coordinator 
  • Research assistant with a nonprofit organization 
  • Consulting work 

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