Prior to Registration

  • Check for any HOLDS that may prevent registration. Log in to the Cavalier Center. Click Office of the Registrar, click Academic Records, and then click View Holds.

  • Students must meet with their assigned academic advisor to review course selections. From the academic advisor, the student will obtain an Alternate PIN and a signed pre-registration form. The Alternate PIN is required for registration via the Cavalier Center. The signed pre-registration form is a record of what the student and advisor has agreed upon and is required for registration in the Student Service Center located in Farrell Hall.

Registering for classes using the Cav Center

Students, to register for classes, you will receive a PIN from your academic advisor, this is the Alternate PIN. The PIN is NOT to be used to log into the Cavalier Center. Follow these instructions for seamless registration.

1. From the Walsh home page, click on MyWalsh on the top right

2. Click Cav Center in the red banner OR if log in and click Cav Center on the top right

3. When prompted, sign in using your Username ( and Password

4. Once signed in, click on Office of the Registrar link or tab

5. Click Registration Activities

6. Click Select the term and select Summer 2022 or Fall 2022

7. Click Register, Add, or Drop Classes

8. Enter the Alternate PIN from your Advisor in the Box when prompted and click Submit

9. Register for classes by entering your course CRN numbers OR you can do a Class Search by clicking on the button labeled Class Search.

If the Alternate PIN for registration does not work or you have questions about it, please check in with your academic advisor.

Determine Your Registration Appointment

  • These appointments are based on total credit hours earned. Your current courses are considered "attempted" until final grades are submitted. Do not include those credit hours when determining your appointment. If no hours exist, then you have 0 (zero) credit hours. The Cavalier Center will display your most up-to-date credit hours earned, including transfer credits and Advanced Placement Credits. Locate the block where your credit hours fall. The column specifies the date and the row gives the assigned time.

  • Access the Cavalier Center at your assigned Registration Appointment time to secure your classes.


Registration Appointments for Summer and Fall 2022




















Degree Completion (DC)

108-115 74-80 45-48 15-16




Chemistry STARS

Military Veterans*


JR and SR Nursing Students

102-107 68-73 38-44 13-14
12:30 128-999 90-101 55-67 27-37 0-12
2:30 116-127 81-89 49-54 17-26


New/Transfers/Readmitted/College Credit Plus Students 

***New/Transfers/Readmitted/College Credit Plus students are eligible to register for Summer and Fall beginning at 8:30am on Monday April, 11th 2022

Military Students

*All Mialitary/Veterans currently attending may register for classes in the Student Service Center beginning April 4th @ 10:30 A.M.


**Athletes may register beginning April 4th @10:30 A.M. in the following sports: Men's Golf, Women's Golf, Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis, Men's Track, Women's Track, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Women's Bowling, Volleyball, Football, Men's Soccer, and Women's Soccer, Men's Cross Country, Womens Cross Country