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Photo of Megan DonaldsonCollaboration is the Key to Enhancing Adherence to Physical Therapy Home Exercise Programs


Frustrated by some of her experiences as an orthopedic clinician, Walsh's Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy Dr. Megan Donaldson began to question her role in developing a patient's adherence, or commitment, to physical therapy.

"So much of what we do in orthopedics is home prescription. I saw a lot of issues with home exercise programs and patients giving up before they even start to experience the benefits. As clinicians, we aren't programmed to follow-up," said Dr. Donaldson. "It was just too easy to accept that patients weren't committed to their home therapy, write them off as no-shows and move on to the next. Rarely would we ask the simple question 'Why?' That one question could make all the difference. And personally, I believe the fortune is in the follow-up."

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