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Accelerated RN-BSN Program


The RN-BSN program is for registered nurses with an associate degree, or another type of diploma, who want to earn a bachelor's degree. Built upon the educational foundation and work/life experiences of a nurse, it's a flexible option designed for adult students that can be completed on a part- or full-time basis


A minimum of 125 semester credit hours is required to earn an accelerated BSN degree. Students must fulfill all general education requirements and requirements for the nursing major. All RN-BSN applicants with 60 or more transfer credits will be considered for the reduced core. After completion of Walsh University's 300-level nursing courses, students will receive 25 semester hours of escrow credit for previous learning. In addition, all support courses taken at another college or university will be considered for transfer credit. Decisions on granting of transfer credit are made by the Registrar in consultation with the Dean of the School of Nursing.

Accelerated BSN Degree Program Requirements:

Biology (4 semester hours)
BIO 402 Genetics or any upper level biology course (excluding Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology & Medical Terminology

Chemistry (4 semester hours)
CHEM 200 Or equivalent

Mathematics (3 semester hours)
Math 221 Statistics

Nursing Coursework (29 semester hours)
NURS 300RN* - Theoretical Concepts for Nursing Practice (3 sem. hours)
NURS 301RN - Health Assessment & Promotion for Nursing Practice (4 sem. hours)
NURS 302RN - Critical Thinking in Clinical Reasoning (5 sem. hours)
NURS 340RN - Nursing with Families (3 sem. hours)
NURS 410RN - Nursing Research .. prereq. Math 221 (3 sem. hours)
NURS 420RN - Nursing with Aggregates (4 sem. hours)
NURS 430RN- Nursing Leadership (5 sem. hours)
NURS 450RN** - Professional Capstone (2 sem. hours)

(Credit for work experience (maximum of two nursing courses) is an option for the registered nurse by using the professional portfolio process. Students must develop a written agreement with the faculty member and then complete the Humanities 200 course in order to submit a portfolio).

*NURS 300RN must be the first nursing course taken

**NURS 450 must be taken in the last semester before graduation 

**Walsh University School of Nursing is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).

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