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Faculty & Staff Directory

Walsh University boasts a diverse, knowledgeable faculty and staff to assist students, colleagues, alumni and the community. Use the Directory to contact members of the Walsh Community.

Faculty websites are also available to help you get to know our professional instructors and professors. Click on a faculty member's website link next to their name in the Directory to learn more.

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Name/TitleDepartmentOffice HrsBuildingPhone
Beach, Robert
Graduate Hall Coordinator - Menard Hall/Betzler Towers
Residence Life330.244.4550
Hicks, Bianca
Assistant Director of Residence Life
Residence Life330.490.7107
Howard, Alexis
Coordinator of Residential Administrative Services/Towers Hall Director
Residence Life330.490.7306
Jamison, Jessica
Graduate Hall Coordinator - Lemmon Hall/Commons
Residence Life330.490.7409
Keisling, Trenton
Coordinator of University Housing Placing/University Apartments Hall Director
Residence Life330.244.4844
Kinnard-Payton, Tiffany
Director of Residence Life
Residence Life330.490.7538
Rates, D. Ellis
Graduate Hall Coordinator - Alexis Hall
Residence Life330.490.7291