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Zachary Distel

Zachary Distel

University of Louisville Graduate School

Why did you chose Walsh?

I chose it because it was a reputable school in Ohio that offered a History degree and I knew I wanted to do something related to that field.

How did Walsh prepare you for your current job?

I had the opportunity to study abroad in Rome during my time at Walsh. It was a transformational experience for me. It also taught me self-reliance. The entire city is a museum unto itself but actually visiting the historic museums in the city provided more knowledge than any classroom lecture would have taught. I also had the opportunity to intern at the Pro Football Hall of Fame museum during my time at Walsh where I was able to apply the museum studies knowledge I gained when my supervisor had me handle a Johnny Unitas jersey.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering attending Walsh University?

 If you know where you want your life to go or even if you need a little direction, Walsh will make it happen for you.