Laura Kozuszek

Laura Kozuszek

Biology, B.S., Class of 2015
Market Capital Research Associate, INRM Pacific Blue Carbon Team at DAI/USAID
Co-Founder & Lead Consultant, Island Sustainability Solutions, LLC
Anderson Island, WA

Laura Kozuszek graduated from the university in 2015. She is a strategist who enjoys working on complex problems such as the current climate crisis. She has trained in various areas that have gained her a wide range of experience such as studying biology, working in disaster management, and certified as an advanced open water scuba diver. While she grew up in Ohio and completed her undergraduate studies in Ohio, she now resides on Anderson Island, Washington State.

Why did you join the alumni board?
“As a young professional, I want to be in the room, be at the table of where decisions are being made and ensure we are on the right track for future generations to enjoy the benefits of Walsh University!”

What is your favorite thing about Walsh?
“My memories as a student-athlete! .”

Additional affiliations, accomplishments and service:
Walsh's Women's Track Field Team, 2011- 2015 (Thrower: Javelin)
Walsh's Women's Soccer Team (Midfield) 2011-2015
President Award Recipient & Alumni Member - AmeriCorp VISTA, CNCS
2022 Huntington 100 - NEU