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Cavs Cor Cordium

A Brauchler Learning Networks Initiative. Building connections that last a lifetime.

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Cavs Cor Cordium

Cor Cordium is Latin for heart of hearts. At Walsh University we educate students’ mind, body, & spirit. Made possible through the generous contributions of the Brauchler family, Cavs Cor Cordium, will operate as each students’ personal learning network while attending Walsh University. Each network will extend an opportunity for students to connect and learn, advancing their ability to prepare for the ethical and moral dimensions of professional practice and good citizenship. Studies have shown that students who develop a strong sense of community are more involved in programs on and off campus and have an increased academic performance. Cavs Cor Cordium provides students the opportunity to connect with peers, creating robust engagement experiences that extend through a students’ life.

As a student you have the opportunity to:

  • Develop a personal network of friends
  • Increase engagement throughout your time at Walsh and beyond
  • Meet other students with similar interests, values, and goals
  • Create a group of peers to support your challenges and successes
  • Attend events and activities as a Cor group
  • Find connections that build a support network
  • Grow an understanding of one’s faith
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Cor Cordium Options

As a Catholic University, Walsh educates students on their life’s purpose through the guidance and teachings of Jesus Christ. Each Cor is connected to the legacy of Walsh through the inspiration of the Brothers of Christian Instruction who served at the university, and a Patron Saint who embodied these values. Promoting the charism of the founding order of The Brothers of Christian Instruction and guided by our Catholic faith, Cor Cordium guides students through and to a more balanced life.

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Courage Cor

Inspired by
Br. Thomas Farrell &
St. Joan of Arc


Fairness Cor

Inspired by
Br. Ernest Paquet & 
St. Gianna Beretta Molla


Creativity Cor

Inspired by
Br. Dacian Barrette & 
St. Frances Xavier Cabrini


Valor Cor

Inspired by
Br. Robert Francoeur & 
St. Catherine of Siena


Generosity Cor

Inspired by
Br. Henri Bernier &
St. Martha


Ambition Cor

Inspired by
Br. James Lacasse & 
St. Clare of Assisi


Patience Cor

Inspired by
Br. Henry Vanesse &
St. Therese of Lisieux


Friendliness Cor

Inspired by
Br. Charlie St. James & 
St. Felicity


Honesty Cor

Inspired by
Br. Roland Vigeant &
St. Kateri Tekakwitha


Joy Cor

Inspired by
Br. Joe Power & 
St. Margaret Clitherow


Character Cor

Inspired by
Br. Conrad Dionne &
St. Teresa of Calcutta


Justice Cor

Inspired by
Br. Marcel Sylvester &
St. Katharine Drexel

How It Works

Students select a Cor Cordium community to join as they enter the university. Each Cor has upperclassmen that serve as Cor student leaders, organizing and communicating with all community members. In addition, each Cor has faculty and staff advisors who offer advice, encouragement, and resources for engaging in campus life.

Collage of photos from various Cavs Cor Cordium events

Each Cavs Cor Cordium community must complete the following each semester:

  • Regularly connect to support one another through community building and learning opportunities
    • Example - Meals, mass, study groups, activities, learning opportunities around Cor virtues
  • Attend one university event a month as a Cor
  • Participate in major campus events such as Welcome Weekend, Homecoming, Spring Fest, the Cor-lympics, and more