Walsh University offers a number of education endorsements and licensures for licensed teachers looking to enhance their credentials and expand their career options within the field of education. 

Grade 4–5 Endorsement

Designed for teachers who hold a Pre-K–3 Ohio license and want to expand their career options in the field of education.

Computer Technology Endorsement

This online program for current, licensed teachers presents a state-sponsored acknowledgement for teachers who facilitate 21st century teaching and learning, technology integration, eLearning content delivery, and instructional design/development.

Reading Endorsement

Designed for teachers who hold a Pre-K–12 Ohio license and want to expand their career options in the field of education.

Teacher Leader Endorsement

Completion of this program will enable individuals who hold a valid Ohio teaching license to add the Teacher Leader Endorsement to their teaching credentials upon completing four years of teaching and completing a master's degree. 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Endorsement

The TESOL Endorsement is comprised of four online courses and 60 clinical experience hours. In the clinical experience hours, candidates, who are mentored by experienced certified/licensed teachers, practice teaching second (new) language learners in a formal classroom setting. Candidates establish communication with students' families and other professionals to enhance the student's educational experiences.

Principal License

Individuals who meet the necessary requirements and complete Walsh University's licensure courses are eligible to apply for a Principal's license in the state of Ohio. Candidates must have a valid teaching license, a master's degree from an accredited university, two years teaching experience for the area for which they're applying, and must have passed the appropriate Ohio Assessment for Educators. 

School Treasurer License

Through Walsh University's School Treasurer licensure program, students develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions that are critical to success as a school treasurer. Section 3313.22 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) requires that public school district boards of education hire a school district treasurer/CFO. Upon completion of this program (3 credit hours of school law, 3 credit hours of school finance and 300 hours of an internship*), candidates can apply for a school treasurer license through the Ohio Department of Education and be well prepared for these employment opportunities.